Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sew Full Week

So I've been waiting for a chance to cut into my Hushabye stash. I love this line for a baby quilt, so I was really excited to hear about a friend of mine due with a little boy later this summer.

On Saturday evening the Portland Modern Quilt Guild had a sewing night at the Modern Domestic studio, and I thought this was the perfect opportunity to get a head start on this quilt. I decided to make crazy 9 patch blocks using Oh Fransson's tutorial. Three blissful hours of sewing with no baby or toddler interruptions, no having to turn off the iron and put it up high after every press, no having to pick up every pin the second I drop it, and no diaper change interludes. Nice. (Not to mention the lovely conversations with some cool new quilty friends!) I started with 18 squares of fabric and got all but the last seam on each block sewn. So, 18 more seams and the blocks are done. Then to decide how to set them... These are going to have to sit on the back burner for awhile though. I have some more pressing projects lined up for the next few weeks.

In other exciting news, my quilting rulers are really coming along, and I'm planning to open up a shop soon where you can buy them online. These rulers are drawn by me, and cut and etched on my husband's laser cutter in our basement. The smaller sizes are cut from scraps, so a great way to save them from going into landfills. We try to use up every little piece! This line of rulers is pretty exciting for me, I've always been able to design and cut the exact size I need for any cutting project, and I'm hoping to be able to offer the same service in my shop - you design a custom ruler and I make it. Look for more info on this in the next month, and look for a sample set to show up at Modern Domestic for you to try out in the next week or so! The brand is "tab-slot", i'll let you know as soon as we have a website up.


  1. That's great about the rulers! I tend to need new ones all the time as I nick mine...

  2. Cool goings on at your household! I'm so jealous of the Modern Domestic sewing time. There was no way to make it out there - maybe next time. Can't wait to check out the new rulers.

  3. That is so cool that your rulers are from scraps, and awesome that you can custom make what you need! We have the same toddler-sewing tension at my house - I agree, modern domestic was a night if seeing bliss! (I went in March)