Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Jumping in

Well, here goes... I've been thinking about starting a blog for awhile now, but between 2 tiny kids and rearranging our house for a tenant I just haven't had a minute. In fact I haven't had a minute to sew either. Right now though Miss Bitty Bunchkins is sleeping (a rarity), and little Mr. Digs is happily playing trains all by himself.

A bit of background: I remember watching Mom sew from my childhood - halloween costumes, clothes for us, curtains, mending, the possibilities seemed endless. I was interested in creating from a young age, but didn't actually learn how to use a sewing machine until jr. high I guess. I made a bag or 2, and hemmed some pants, but not much more. During college I started a quilt that I never finished - life got in the way, but I fell in love with the geometry of it then and still love it now. When pregnant with Mr. Digs I dove in to making cloth diapers - they were totally cute, but took days to dry (which I didn't find out until after he was born, so we just bought some). After the diapers I decided to try to make some stuff for me, (who?) yes, me, that person I forgot about. So I started making handbags. I love bags, too much maybe, I thought this would help quench my thirst without having to drop tons on designer bags. It did, but it caused another problem - a fabric obsession. Oy, who knew fabric could take me over like that. Anyway - to end the rambling, I'm now an amateur sewist with a fabric problem, or a fabric enthusiast with a sewing problem. Whichever.

I'll leave you with some images, and hope to be back very soon!

A diaper clutch/changing pad - made for a friend's baby shower:

Handbag (design by Lisa Lam) made from a pattern I purchased from http://www.u-handbag.com/

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