Monday, April 19, 2010

1 Project Down, Many To Go

Thursday is the second meeting of the Portland Modern Quilt Guild, and our activity is a potholder swap. I finished mine yesterday. Yes, I had a whole month, and yes I procrastinated, but I work better under pressure anyway. I think it turned out cute, I hope whoever gets it likes pink. Maybe it's a bit too girly for kitchens, I don't know. I really love this Amy Butler fabric though, and I had mostly small pieces left, perfect for this project.

We're having a tenant move in with us in May, into our master suite. Times are tough right now, and we have alot of space. So this past few weeks we've been moving into our daughter's bedroom, and she's now moved into her closet. This is my new sewing/cutting area, a bit scaled down from the ridiculously luxurious space I had before, but very functional. Notice the pink, girly curtains. My husband isn't too thrilled with them, but I don't mind.

This is bitty bunchkins new room - her closet. I tried to cute it up a bit with a new little rug from Ikea, and I hung up the comforter from her crib set. It's plenty of space for a 1 yr old. Both of the kids love being in there. Ok, interlude overwith, I must get back to emptying out the master bath.

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