Thursday, June 2, 2011

A Catch-up Post and Some Randomness

Lots going on here, but nothing really too exciting - ever have that problem?

My son finished his first year of preschool, he's changed so much in the last year, I'm a bit emotional about his first school year ending.

My Dad came from Buffalo for a visit and stayed with us for 3 weeks. 'Nuff said.

My Mom is coming next week and staying for 10 days.

My daughter slept through the whole night and stayed in her crib until 8am this morning - this has NEVER happened before, she's 2. I haven't slept for a whole night in 2 years.

My husband is working on 4(!) projects at one time, which is relatively equivalent to 4 full time jobs. He builds architectural models and he's been a bit dry on work for awhile, so this is good, but I miss him.

My sewing machine is a bit dusty. So sad.

I have completed a few things though. The Portland Modern Quilt Guild had a block swap/challenge with all solid fabric. So we each brought in a 12.5" square block made of all solid fabric, and did a blind swap. Then we made a project (pillow, mini quilt, etc.) out of the block adding our own (solid) fabric and returned it to the original block-maker. I received Cherri's block, and made her a pillow out of it, here it is:

Cherri's block ended at the blue/purple edge, and I added the gray and everything outside of that. It was a super fun project.

My block was turned into a darling little pillow by Michelle, unfortunately I can't take a picture of it now, because my son (who doesn't nap) is napping on it right now.

We also had to bring in a 6" block each to be added to the PMQG banner for the Sisters quilt show, where several members (including me!) will have quilts on display. I used my leftovers from Cherri's pillow to make a simple block.

I received my pouch from the Pretty Little Pouch Swap! It was made by the lovely Naomi (linen&string). Look at all the sweet goodies included in this fabulous bag! I adore the fabric covered magnets which live on my magnet board in the kitchen (where greasy little hands can't touch them).

Just look at the gorgeous little details she added. I LOVE this bag, I've already used it several times to carry sewing essentials to meetings - and I've gotten tons of compliments on it. I intend to use it as a toiletry bag for travel, but it's so pretty, I don't want it stashed away when we're not traveling.

I did actually make a whole twin sized quilt top out of sherbet pips... just haven't gotten around to taking pics of it. So stay tuned!