Monday, September 5, 2011

Sandbox Pants

I hit some Labor Day weekend sales on Saturday morning with my lovely friend and neighbor Beverly. We first went to Modern Domestic .  They had a fabulous sidewalk sale, where I picked up 4 new feet for my dear little Janome (including a ruffler foot!!). They also had a $1 bin, $5 grab bags, and 50% off magazines, books and patterns - I partook of all of those. The pattern I got was this Oliver & S one.  I got the 4-8 sized pattern since my son is 4. Turns out I should have bought the 6 month-3t one, because he is nowhere near a size 4. Maybe for Junior high.

We also went to Fabric Depot to check out their outdoor sale which has an extra 10% off thru the weekend. I picked up all apparel fabric - so unlike me. But I scored this lightweight stretchy black denim for $3/yd and also some blue denim and a really lovely plaid twill type fabric for the same price. 

 I traced the pattern smaller than the size 4 lines, trying to interpolate it to about a 3, but used the size 4 pockets. My little guy picked out the 'bee' fabric for the pockets, and very excitedly helped me use the tailors chalk (all over the rest of the cut of fabric, and on the tablecloth). It was a super easy pattern to follow and put together.  I made sure to take extra time on my topstitching because I picked a nice lime green thread to go with the waistband.

 I serged all the inside seams and then topstitched them down to lay flat.  I had to re-learn how to make buttonholes.

I even lined the front pockets with the bee fabric. So cute. I'm really happy with how these turned out, but I may have to go hunt down the smaller size pattern - The 3 was still huge, I had to really tighten up the elastic in the back to keep them up, and my daughter now wants some, and she's a size 2 (so maybe 12 month ;). 

 I would definitely use more of their patterns, so cute, and so easy to follow, even for a new-to apparel-sewist.  So we're looking at 90+ degrees for most of the week - Vaughn had no interest in modelling these pants. "Momma, it's too hot for pants, I won't wear them". Nice. We have another week before he starts school. I. Can't. Wait. I mean, I'll miss him....  


  1. Cute pants! I made so many clothes for Zihna when she was that age ~ they were all oversized ~ and she loved them anyway... so I got extra years of use out of them

  2. These are my favorite pants ever! Love the pockets and the topstitching is fab in the lime green. So so cute!

  3. Geez Jill.....those are so cute....bee that!

  4. Awww, thanks ladies, these were my 1st non-pj pants, I'm so happy with them.