Friday, September 23, 2011

No Turning Back Now...

Well, here it is - my Weekender Bag, up through step 7:

It's kind of like a rite of passage in the bag making world, isn't it?

It's gonna get tricky from here on out - which is entirely my fault. I cannot just follow a pattern. I have to customize it. I need lots of pockets inside, an adjustable shoulder strap, clips for small bags and keys, etc, etc. Because of my changes, I'm worried about the installation of the lining as outlined in the pattern, I'm afraid it won't be sturdy enough to hold loaded pockets. Sooooo..... how do I move on from here? I'm thinking Michelle's solution may be the one for me. But I'll likely tweak as I go. My hope is to take it to Sewing Summit! T-minus 2 weeks and counting.

Cheers All


  1. What a great bag. How about using a second stabilizer in between the lining and outer part of the bag? Here's a link to an idea:


  2. Yay you! If I had known you were making this I would have passed along my tips. You can also sew the seams together by machine instead of by hand and that might help with and pulling. Someone else did it that way and I tried that with my last one. If I was home I would send you the link to her blog. I can look for it once o get home on Mon if you want.

  3. Sorry I don't know if my comment made much sense. I meant sew the lining to the exterior by machine instead of by hand.

  4. Definitely a rite of passage! Yours looks wonderful--such great fabric choices! Mine has been done for a while--still hasn't left the house yet.

    BTW, my rulers arrived today. Thanks so much!!--blogging about them tomorrow. :)

  5. Wow, what a bag and you're engineering in all the necessary pockets as well--sheer genius. It should be a hit! I came over from Sarah's blog to enjoy yours and your swaps (both those you made and those you received from her). Wow again! I've also enjoyed your other textile projects, especially the pillows and your choices of fabric. I'm glad to have happened upon your blog because I'm originally an Oregonian and always love to find Oregon bloggers.
    best from Tunisia,

  6. wow, that's a lovely bag. hmm...if only I could sew... but I should learn soon.