Sunday, June 13, 2010

Paris Hexagon Bag

I really didn't have a plan for these hexagons when I started them, I just thought the fabrics were really cool. Some of the fabric is from Cool Cottons, and some is from here. Well here is what I came up with. It's a simple sling bag, perfect for a trip to the library or the farmers market. It has 1 open pocket inside and a little clasp for my keys. This is the first time I used my little labels, I think it looks cute.

It's almost cooler than a lot of my purses and my diaper bag. Maybe I will use it as a main bag for awhile - just to show it off. The hexagons are 1.25" quilting cotton, and the main body is an organic cotton canvas that I picked up at Cool Cottons, I love the weight and feel of it.


  1. Your bag turned out GREAT! Love your label - you're so cool! And speaking of hexies - can you bring one of your 1" hexie sets on Thursday? I knew I'd want to start making them eventually!

  2. Awesome bag! I just made up some hexes (with my new ruler set.. :) ) and was wondering what to do with them. Thought "pillow" but we don't really have throw pillows... or decorating... so I'm going to put them on a bag!

  3. Megs, i'll definitely bring a 1" hex set on Thurs!

    Lisa, I can't wait to see your hex bag! The thing I like about having them on a bag is that you get to show them off... they really are alot of work to sew together.