Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show

Well last Thursday I took off on an adventure to Sisters, Oregon to see a quilt show and hang with PMQG friends. We loaded up four fat Elecktra cruisers and headed for the high desert. About 3-4 hours later after a gorgeous drive over Mt. Hood and through the changing landscapes we arrived.

The house we stayed in (thanks to Petra), had a fabulous view of the Three Sisters Mountains, this is what we woke up to every morning. Gorgeous!
We had our own deer friends that hung out in the shade near the house, which was about 4 miles north of the city center.
I biked into town and back each day, it was lovely and beautiful - after all, this was my view:
The actual quilt show is outside - quilts are hung on all of the buildings in the town. It's so cool to just be able to stroll around town and check out the quilts. Here is a view of the outside of one of the buildings in town with quilts all over it.
So, I guess there's a first for everything - there was actually a crazy thunder/lightning/hail storm at about 3pm, and they closed down the show about 2 hours early - all of the quilts were taken down and 'rescued' in about 15-20 minutes. Awesome. Here's our fearless leader Susan rescuing some of the PMQG special exhibit quilts.
I'm glad I was able to see the show before the abrupt ending, and I'm also glad I was in town a few days early to check out the shops - in particular the local quilt shop - The Stitchin Post. Here's a couple shots of the inside of the store. This is one lucky little town to have such a cool shop.

...and this is Ruby Bliss - she's a watermelon. Obviously.  She had some great adventures with the Elecktra Gang.  I'm hoping she comes to our guild meeting this Thursday, I'd love to see here again ;)

Hope you're all enjoying your summer, cheers, Jill


  1. I heard the sad news of Ruby today, she's ended up in a compost heap. I had so much fun our 2nd year rooming together for the show can't wait for next year!

  2. Sounds like it was lots of fun ~ how great that you took your bikes with you.

  3. Fun! Wish we could have hung out more but I love reading your recap. Good times!