Thursday, July 5, 2012

A Quilt Show and a Sale

Hey Peeps! How are you all doing? I'm totally overwhelmed in crazy kiddom. But I'm also loving it. 
3 & 5 is so much better than 2 & 4 for me. Still crazy though :)

So coming up a week from today I'm leaving for Sisters, Oregon for 3 nights. Never heard of it? I wouldn't expect many people have.  However, they have a super cool outdoor quilt show every summer. I went last year, and can't wait to go again.   It's about a 3 hour drive from Portland, and gas isn't cheap these days. So, I'm having a sale in my Etsy shop to hopefully raise a few bucks to put in my gas tank.

Need some templates? Want to add to your fabric stash? Everything that's in stock is 15% off starting today though July 15th (Yes - even that Aurifil set, it's a steal!!-tell your friends). Now I'm going to be in Sisters from the 12th through the 15th, so any orders placed during those days will be shipped on the 16th. 

PLUS Every order placed today through the 11th gets a free 'surprise' added to their package!
(provided that you use the coupon code upon checkout)

I have actually done a bit of sewing too.  I made the above quilt with the Portland Peel template set, it's going to a special baby girl.

And I started the quilt below based on an architectural inspiration that I will go into in another post.

I hope everyone is enjoying their July so far, I know we are. My birthday, my Hubs birthday, and my Son's birthday all occur in the next 2 weeks, so we'll be busy partying and getting older (and maybe more tan - come on sun!).   Cheers all!


  1. Have fun at Sisters! Petra was telling me about it when I saw her a few weeks ago. It sounds like a lot of fun! And happy birthday early!