Sunday, November 20, 2011

What the heck have I been doing?

Well, lets see - not much sewing going on, but I've...

...moved my sewing space into the guest room and gotten it all set up for heavy use,

done a bunch of crocheting (for the 1st time!),

It's going to be a blankie - for me!

trying to keep these 2 out of trouble...yes, she's trying to change her own poopy diaper, and who the heck knows what he's doing. Yes, she got up there on her own.

Trying to keep them from harming the Grandparents chickens who are staying with us for a bit,

attended a fabulous (as always) PMQG meeting,

thinking I'm seriously clever for this, then realizing that 4 yr olds can open child safety devices and 2 yr olds can ask them to, better go mop the bedroom floors again...

checking out lego dragons, etc,

the dreaded grocery shopping with the race car cart that noone of the earth can possibly control,

thinking of how to put together these lovelies for our guild holiday swap,

a bit of designing...

and finally finishing up this potholder for our swap with the KCMQG.

So, no, not much sewing, but a whole lotta life....  Phew, I'm tired.  What have you all been up to?  


  1. That potholder is seriously beyond amazing.

    I am extremely jealous of the recipient! I noticed on your profile you work in the field of architecture :) I graduated last may with a degree in architecture. It made me smile to see a quilter/archie :)


  2. again... your design totally rocks ~ I love that potholder!

  3. Jill how can you put so many interesting pics in just one post?? love the potholder, but also your lovely kids, the stripe design and the granny squares! AND i love looking at workplaces, so thanks for that, too :-) Is that OhFranssons Portland Modern Quilt Guild sign or did you make up your own??
    Have a great week and take care :-)

  4. Love your crochet! How exciting; you've really taken off with it! Your kiddos are adorable, too, by the way!