Friday, November 4, 2011

Cool Messenger Bag for a Hip 8 yr old

A while back I received a request for a 'hip' messenger bag from my 8 yr old neighbor.  She's way ahead of her age in her fashion and design sense.  It was her birthday in September and I decided I'd try to pull it off for a birthday present. Fast-forward a couple months and here we are.

Aren't they cute?

I think little Sis wants one too...

She picked out the fabrics herself, and wrote a cute little wish list for the bag including diagrams (in elevation!).   I love this seed packet fabric, and I had just enough. It has a shimmer to it that I just can't capture on my silly phone camera in a dark house at night ;)

She requested her name on it (easy with my new love of laser cutting fabric).

A place to attach her lunch bag.

Inside pockets for a laptop and other goodies.

Front pencil pockets - which again, my phone camera can't show too well.

This was a fun bag to put together, and I think she officially has the coolest bag in school. 

Now I think it's time to resume my search for the missing camera.....


  1. Her mom wants one, too!
    She has no idea how lucky she is to have a custom made bag. It is so gorgeous. Thanks!

  2. Wow Jill! That bag looks great! Very professional with the spiffy hardware and laser cut name.....IMPRESSIVE! Those sewing summit girls would be nodding their collective heads in the affirmative. How does one lazer cut fabric? Might be a whole new business venture?

  3. Very smart bag! And really cool that she knew exactly what she wanted. Does she have any interest in sewing herself?

  4. Nice! If you remember, I bought some of that fabric also and have been wondering what to do with it...thanks for the ideas.

  5. Very cool. Is it based on a pattern or did you design it from scratch? I think you have a future in pattern design...

  6. A "Hip" bag huh? How cute is that? She is adorable! I love the bag you made, she will love it.

  7. What a cute bag for a stylish young lady! I just found your awesome blog through Amy Lou Who since she just posted about the mini quilt swap, I had to see who made that adorable mini! I'm so glad I hopped over because I just LOVE your blog! I'll be checking in again soon! Keep up the great quilty work!