Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What is all this MADNESS?

Mug rugs, snack mats, coasters, mini placemats - call them what you will, but they are all over blogland right now. Thanks to MugRugMadness I'm now feeling compelled to post about the snack mats I made for the Portland Modern Quilt Guild's February swap.

Blind swap. Simple concept. I decided to make 2 because they are quick and fun. Both are improvised, I had no idea what they would end up looking like when I started. I also used entirely scraps for both.


That's it, not the most exciting crafting in the world, but they're just so fun and quick to make, I can hardly resist. Can I just say that I really dislike the term 'mug rug'? I don't have the same issues with it as Jen does ;) but I prefer 'snack mat' - thank you Megan for that perfect substitution.

Anyway (thanks to Kristen and a long story)- I was the lucky recipient of this:

A true work of art by Elizabeth. I love it, and won't put snacks on it. It lives on my desk. I think it is happy there.

I also changed the look of my blog - what do you think, better, worse, fine, you don't care? Let me know!

Cheers all, hope spring is coming your way (and my way too).


  1. I like "snack mats" soooo much better! Your's are very cute ~ I especially like the strawberry fabric, and the PMQG you received is fantastic! thanks for sharing :)

  2. Super cute - as always. And I love the new look - even better than the orange!