Monday, May 3, 2010

I'm a follower

OK, what can I say, I've been seriously trying to avoid making any of those adorable little hexes that everyone is posting about lately, but the truth is, I'm a follower.

It's deadline time at our house, which means my husband is working mad hours to get a project out the door, this includes working until 2 or 3 am some nights. We usually have other people helping him out here, so last night the lovely Bev was working with him. I get really lonely for adult conversation during these stretches, so after the kids were in bed and I folded the laundry and couldn't think of any other reason to hang out in the basement I decided I needed some hand sewing to work on. Out came the Munki Munki and the brand new tab-slot hex templates to take for a test spin. The templates work great, they're clear plastic - so easy to see where you're cutting, and you can cut with your rotary cutter using the template, so super easy. I also made a template to cut the paper, which I did with an x-acto. They went pretty quick and easy, and for my 1st hexes I think they look pretty good.

I'm pretty sure I'll make these into a pillow, I don't have much Munki Munki laying around, so I can't make too many more. These are too addictive - really, if you don't want your house and kitchen to pile up with filth, don't start making these!

I'll be able to offer the templates to you through tab-slot hopefully next week! Just need to get through this deadline!!


  1. You're not a "follower" you're just inspired!
    I just finished my hunk of 1 inch for the robot quilt... it's so addicting!

  2. Now *I* want to play too!! I made a sort of plastic template and was trying to do these, but they were a pain in the butt. I'll have to get one of you ladies to help me out with them.

  3. Note to self: don't baste with red thread. Steam from iron makes it bleed. Oy.

  4. Baa baaa....I'm going to become a sheep and follow the herd soon too. They're too adorable not to make!