Monday, May 17, 2010

Cutting Circles

So I was testing out the new circle cutting template I made the other day - and what better way to test out a new template than with a Heather Ross print? I just got a leg panel of her sushi print from this shop, which I love. I was going to make some hexes with the sushi, but I actually love it in circle form. It really takes a tiny bit of the fabric and makes it special. A whole quilt like this would be really cool, but I have neither the patience or time right now, so I think it'll be a pillow. The circles are raw edge, appliqued - so they'll fray. I also used the linen blend left over from this project. These circles are a 2 inch diameter and although I was able to cut them out fine, I think that this was the absolute bottom limit for diameter with this kind of template and an 18mm rotary cutter. When I put this template in the shop, I may go a half inch bigger for my smallest size so everyone doesn't go wrecking their blades. You can barely see the template in this pic, off to the upper left above the rotary cutter. It's hard to take pics of clear plastic. Especially when it's cloudy out.

I did manage to piece it and sash it, I like how it came out. Especially considering I was just testing out the template and didn't really have a project in mind. Happy accident, a phrase they used in Architecture School alot... ;)


  1. Wow, that looks great. I've been contemplating a raw edge applique to get that soft frayed look for awhile now but I never have time to try out everything. Can't wait to hear how this washes up for you. The sushi is adorable - so cute in the circles.

  2. I love the sushi fabric and the circles. Now you've made me want a circle template.

  3. I also can't wait to see how it washes up - don't know when I'll have a chance to finish it though. Hopefully soon, my poor blog is hungry for a finished project. I can't wait to do something with the bigger circles, haven't figured out what yet.