Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Drowning in Fabric - Please Help

Well I'm still going through my fabric stash and trying to organize it. I'm also deciding to part with some (rather large) pieces for the sake of space. So I have a destash going on in my shop now.

These are a few that I pulled out, and I have more coming... I have a large Ikea bag full of fabric to sort and weed still. I can't believe how much fabric I have. It's actually a bit embarrassing. So if you want to help out a junkie...  BUY FABRIC HERE  :) I have more than I could ever use in my lifetime.

I may need to join a support group.

On a different note, we've been enjoying our last bit of summer vacation here. School starts up on Monday (and I can't wait - I mean I'll be so sad).

My beach bums enjoying the last trip before school...

Cheers all


  1. Sorry, not helping out on the destash. I probably could use a destash of my own. I am glad the boards are working out for organizing. I love using them.
    I love that you are so honest about your joy in having the kids go back to school. I am reading so many bloggers this week who are boo-hooing about their kids heading off to school. Not me! I am excited they are staring up again. Even though it means getting up early.

  2. Hope you can get all of that fabric off your shelves! I'm doing some destashing, too. I guess it's something in the air. Or possibly, all of the new lines that are out now!
    Hope you guys had a fun end to your summer!

  3. Hope so they are having a great time over there.

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