Thursday, August 16, 2012

Ahhh... Lazy Summer

So I haven't been sewing much, or on social media much, but it is summer.
What I have been doing is a slow purge and re-org of my office/ sewing studio/ guest room/
whatever you want to call it...

it all started with a sorting of the scraps

which led to a complete re-vamp of the fabric storage 
(this is going to be a long term project!)

then I decided that I needed to organize all of my office storage
I'll do an update when the room is in good order and "finalized".
I'm working on this in bits and pieces in between all of our other busy summer activities.

I was lucky enough to be able drive up to the Seattle area to meet up with

Here's some pics from the ferry to Vashon Island.
What a beautiful day it was!

What a wonderful setting too! Vashon Island is gorgeous, and
Island Quilter is a dream of a shop.

My garden is ridiculous,  and I love every bit of it.
The chard won't quit producing. It makes a wonderful pesto,
I'm planning on freezing a bunch for the long winter ahead.

People keep giving me cucumbers, so I tried a recipe for refrigerator pickles
for the first time. Holy yum! Cheap, quick, and EASY.

We've been eating zucchini by the bucket-full (it's great sauted with pesto on it!), and my
3 yr old is loving helping me cut things - terrifying.

Did you know that zucchini's can also be used as 'portal guns'?
I'm sure most 5 yr old boys already know this, but it was news to me. 

Otherwise we've been spending alot of time hanging out outside

100 degrees + Pool = Happy kids....
Happy kids = Happy Parents

Hope you're all having a wonderful wrap-up to your summer. I'm sure I'll be around
alot more once school gets back into full swing (which isn't until mid-September!).

Cheers all


  1. Love what you're doing in your office/sewing area. And the kids do look happy. Looking forward to some cooler temps coming this week.

  2. The kids look so happy -- nothing better than those relaxing, unstructured summer days!