Sunday, April 29, 2012

the Portland Peel listing is finally live!

Phew - after a whirlwind of writing up materials and documents I finally have the listing for the "Portland Peel" template set up in my shop.

What is the "Portland Peel"?  It's an easy way to make an orange peel block, or many variations thereof. Check out the PDF ideabook available on my sidebar. Print some pages out and color them in - maybe you'll catch the Peel fever too!

I can't stop cutting and making these blocks, they're just too damn easy to sew up - 2 seams per peel, simple. It's an easy curve, so "advanced beginner" sewists can do this in a snap. As long and you can sew a 1/4" seem pretty consistently, you can make this block.

So, all you local Portlandians - Did you know that Modern Domestic is doing a curves 101 class featuring this 'pattern'?  AND they'll be carrying the template sets there starting this Tuesday I believe, so save shipping and buy local!

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