Friday, February 24, 2012


Well, I finished that sample baby quilt. Here it is binding, fold lines and all.  I really think it's pretty cute, and a bit 'loud'.
It was really fun, easy and quick to make, and I already have an idea for a 'grown up' quilt using this same template set.
I kind of lame-ed out on the back and just used a panel, but it was from the same fabric line, and all cutesy, and perfect for a baby boy with a robot loving Mama.

I'll have this set available in my shop soon. Biggest hold up is coming up with a name for it.  Any ideas?  Rachel is the one who came to me with the design and worked with me to make it 'just perfect', and super user friendly. Not sure any of the names we've come up with between us is appropriate.  Is it a 'seed', or a 'Peter, Paul, and Mary', (cracking up), just don't know. Guess it doesn't really matter all that much.

My poor Janome stopped playing friendly and had to go to the shop. I won't have it around for awhile, and I possibly may not get it fixed if the problem is too expensive. I can't really be without a machine (well, I can, just don't want to be), may be looking for a good deal on a used low budget, simple machine soon.  Sniff, sniff...


  1. Lemme know if you want to provide a foster home for my older Brother. It's very basic, no frills, but can get you through til yours is all better.

  2. I love how big the blocks are! I'm no help on names. Wanna name my baby? Good luck with your machine....

  3. Cute wee baby quilt, err, how about Bot Blades for the template, as they look like helicopter blades, and there's the robot... (yeah, I know, you'll keep looking ;o) )

    Hope your machine feels much better soon, with a very low prescription cost!

  4. Traditionally that pattern is known as Orange Peel.

  5. I like orange peel how about Orange Peel 2.0 ?

  6. The word pod comes to mind for me. The quilt is adorable! I like that you kept the back simple.

  7. I'm thinking "Lattice".
    I left a name for the quilt on Rachel's blog, too. It's quite beautiful and sounds like a new way to do it!