Monday, September 6, 2010

To Quilt Along, or Not to Quilt Along, that is the Question

I've gone back and forth on this one for awhile. On one hand, a lot of the fun of making something is designing it. But, on the other hand - won't I learn a lot by following someone else's expertise? Well, I've decided 'to' quilt along. Two 'quilt alongs' in fact. The first one I'm going to do is Christina's from A Few Scraps. She's doing a free-motion quilt along, and this is something I really want to get better at. Plus, the top was a cinch to piece. So there it is, in all it's glory, in the pic above. Ready to quilt along with Christina! (I swear I ironed it before I basted it!)

The second quilt along I'm joining is Elizabeth Hartman's Tokyo Subway Map Quilt Along. You all know her from Oh Fransson! I really like Elizabeth's bold, graphic designs, and feel like this is a quilt I will really appreciate for a long time. Also, what I'm finding about these quilt alongs is that sometimes it's nice for someone else to do all the thinking and math for you. Especially since I can't seem to shake this baby-brain thing. Does that ever go away? Anyhow, I have gathered the fabric for this one, but have not even started cutting. That's how I'm going to roll on these things, I'll always be a few steps behind.

Which online quilt alongs have you all participated in? Doing any right now?

Well, happy holiday everyone. We're heading out to Pacific City today, to spend a few days on the beach with these little beasties before the 'freedom' of summer ends. I'm not bringing my machine, but I am bringing all that fabric to cut up for the Tokyo quilt. Maybe I'll have some piles to show you later in the week. Cheers!


  1. Is that skinny strip your awesome teeny tiny bicycle fabric? You know I need to steal some of that from you, right?

    Have a blast at the beach!

  2. It is the teeny bicycle print! And yes, you can steal some. I have a bit left. I can't make a quilt without an intended recipient, and this one is destined for a bikey couple who will be having their fist baby soon, so I hope I do a good job!

  3. Yee haw! Someone I know is doing the quilt along!
    I hope it's fun for you. I will be so interested to see your Tokyo quilt come together. I think all that precise piecing is out of my league but I know it will be stunning!

  4. Pacific city! lucky you! can't wait to hear about it!

  5. Fabulous quilt-a-long top. I like the colors, and I'm usually not a fan of that sort of a green.